The TimePlace Platform

TimePlace Inc. has created a unique way for people to discover and experience the real world by location and time. Our patent-pending data platform and mobile application time-slider disrupts prior approaches to local search. Instead of using geo-location information alone, we add an important TIME component to provide a more relevant contextual platform that matches the way we all experience life, business and personal events through TIME and LOCATION. The platform is monetized through targeted temporal offers to brands and local businesses aligned with users location, time and intent.

Today, no single platform exists that natively organizes information by time and location. Because of this, it is difficult to create apps and solutions that allow users to find products, events and offers relevant to their interests and context in the physical world.

The TimePlace platform aggregates disparate data sources and normalizes data with geospatial and temporal qualities. The platform provides an API that allows for building a broad set of mobile applications and IoT systems where time and location context are in the forefront.

The TimePlace mobile application leverages the platform to create a unique contextual consumer experience for discovering events, meet-ups, activities and places.

TimePlace is re-thinking how local search is done and continues to develop its mobile app to gain insight into real-world user interactions. The platform and app has also been customized for use in a concierge setting and we are expanding data sources and the domains where this platform can be leveraged.