About TimePlace


We are a powerful platform that provides a unique way to discover the real world. To put it simply, we organize the world’s information by time and place in order to benefit consumers, merchants, and developers.



Discover and experience events and activities that interest you at a specific time and location. From concerts, festivals, Meetups, fitness activities, workshops, restaurants & more… TimePlace has over 1 million events worldwide for you to discover.


Reach the right consumers that are interested in your products or services at exactly the right time and place. Create just in time offers as a call to action for customers nearby to increase business and efficiency when needed most.


The TimePlace platform has a robust API that allows developers to augment their applications with data organized by time and location.

The Blog

The Power of Time and Location

The Power of Time and Location: a visionary look into the possibilities of using technology to help both consumers and merchants connect in a contextual manner. While 10 year olds own iPads, watches are monitoring our heartbeats, and the Internet is getting more...

Don’t Believe Me? Just WATCH!

It seems like anything Apple produces these days is sure to impress, create controversy, and eventually guide consumer habits into the future. The Apple Watch is predicted to be no different. Sure, the idea of the smart watch has been around for years and plenty of...

The Wearable Buzz in Twenty-Fifteen

With one of the largest tech shows of the year, CES 2015 happening in Las Vegas this week, all focus is going to the future of wearable technology. Wearable technology like the Fitbit, Google Glass, and digital watches have been on the market for some time now and...