With one of the largest tech shows of the year, CES 2015 happening in Las Vegas this week, all focus is going to the future of wearable technology. Wearable technology like the Fitbit, Google Glass, and digital watches have been on the market for some time now and have become increasingly popular with the fitness and techies market. However this technology and its capabilities is only getting started and promises to take over many aspects of people’s lives over the next few years. 2015 will be a big ,GIANT year for gadgets that monitor and connect every day actions to the Internet through wearable devices.

From Google’s Throat Tattoo, Microsoft’s “Smart Bra”, virtual reality head sets, and posture trainers like Lumo Lift…we can tell that hundreds of products will be coming to the market this year in hope to jump on board of the next wave of tech. Nothing screams “the future” more like what these products can do, and perhaps there is still time to live up to Back to the Future’s rendition of the year 2015. (Hover board included)

TimePlace is especially excited for this upcoming year in respects to the release of the anticipated Apple Watch. I am expecting innovative and stylish things to come from app makers (like us) who are excited to incorporate the idea of personalized wearable technology into their already great application services. These technologies will go far beyond playing music, measuring footsteps, and counting calories burned by sitting on your wrist. Personally, I predict that the future and power of wearables lies within providing consumers with real-time, tailored information just when they need it. For us, we have already begun outlining the capabilities and added benefit our users could gain from the grouping of wearable technology and TimePlace.

We love this Infographic called What’s That Tech You’re Wearing? made by Fjord outlining the current possibilities and future of wearable gadgets and look forward to these products coming alive in 2015.

Image Source: http://www.fullerton.edu/