It seems like anything Apple produces these days is sure to impress, create controversy, and eventually guide consumer habits into the future. The Apple Watch is predicted to be no different.

Sure, the idea of the smart watch has been around for years and plenty of companies have come up with their own renditions of this technology like Pebble and Android Wear. However, just like the iPad crushed its tablet predecessors, I think that Apple Watch will do just the same. Yes, I am little biased to this matter as I have never owned a PC myself and I have been obsessively faithful to Apple for many years. It just seems that nothing is ever legitimate until Apple is selling around the globe and then some.

Personally, I am almost certain that wearable technology is the wave of the future and have thought so for quite sometime. Of course, just like any V1 of a product it will take some time for Apple to make the watch into something extraordinary and Apple will need to rely on fantastic App Makers to utilize this technology in inspiring ways. For the most part that means current applications extending their app’s capabilities into something useful on the go. Luckily for us, TimePlace was made for the Apple Watch before we even knew it existed…

At TimePlace Inc., we focus on harnessing the intersection of time and location, which effortlessly and instinctively aligns with the definition of watches in general. Since the Apple Watch’s initial announcement, we have been anticipating taking our core focus and matching it to this new device. We were fortunate to get an early look at the watch as we develop our implementation and we believe the watch provides a unique capability that is perfectly suited to our platform. Although we know our IOS App is effective as a planning resource and beautiful on a larger screen, we are thrilled and pleased that the TimePlace Watch Extension app is so useful on its own.

The Apple Watch will not replace your iPhone (nor can it) but it will allow users to utilize the power of the iPhone quickly and on their wrist. This is exactly the direction we went for our extension app. Our focus is to provide a contextually relevant experience for users at any Time and Place. For us, this means allowing our users to quickly “browse the scene” or search for something specific around them at that their current time and location. Using either a simple search technique or the speech dictation feature, our users will be able to quickly find or discover places, events, or offers relevant to them at that time. When our users want to search a broader area and be more detailed in their search, they will always be able to pull out their iPhone just like before. We like to think of the Apple Watch as a handy sidekick always with you when you need it. I have been lucky enough to have had the Silver 42mm Apple Watch on my wrist for the past few days, and I can advocate that the watch is just that and I am excited for the possibilities it will bring.

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