It is safe to say that when it comes to technology we are living in an always-connected mobile world. In this new digital age fastened to the possibilities and limitations of a small hand-held device, everyone expects businesses to provide the same great level of service if not better than on a desktop.

When it comes to e-commerce, there has been no greater impact than the rise of mobile shoppers. Retailers around the world are now hit with a hard reality of either go mobile, or go home. Of course, along with some limitations, like screen size and network coverage, there are also some great opportunities for mobile e-commerce. People now have the ability to browse at any time or place, and businesses must see this as a major opportunity for new and exciting innovations in the way they sell to their customers.

With the holidays coming up, every online merchant and brand has their focus on Cyber Monday. However in recent years, mobile shopping during those days have seen an unmatched leap in sales compared to in store sales growth. With the help of smart phones and tablets, 2013 mobile sales grew 31% from 2012 and are likely to grow even more in 2014. With more and more people relying on their smart phones for anything and everything, the retailers who can exploit this platform will see the most increases in sales.

While mobile has been around for a growing number of years, this is the first time that it is a necessary part of sales. Mobile also presents a fantastic opportunity for marketers and creators who want to utilize the power of the “anywhere, anytime” mindset of the mobile consumer. I am excited to see the clout this will bring and what technologies will be paired with mobile to increase the personalization and time-relevant way of shopping in this new always-connected age.

As a consumer I am excited to jump on the Cyber Monday deals comfortably from my iPhone and I hope that all my favorite retailers have prepared for my arrival with proper mobile optimization, speed, and of course that irresistible personalized deal on a gift. Because we all know, if I’m not willing to brave the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ on Black Friday then I’m certainly not willing to wait for a sluggish page to load. Let’s be honest, mobile shopping sites only hold my attention until something interesting is happening in front of me or my friend sends me the latest cat video. Welcome to the world of mobile and good luck out there.

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