Personalization is the theme of the century.. Companies like Google are investing in making personalization a key feature in almost every industry possible.

The Internet has given consumers an overwhelming amount of data to sift through. The next step is filtering this data to our specific needs. Society is getting lazier, in a good way! Wasting time shuffling through information that doesn’t pertain to us is no longer acceptable and why should it be?

Beyond personalization of content, we believe that location and interest based services are here for the long haul. The convergence of the physical and digital worlds is an idea that will lead to amazing opportunity in both B2C and B2B industries.

Within the Business to Consumer market, hyper local, geo-marketing will lead to better advertising and better content in all areas. Learning algorithms will tailor what you see based on your actions online, habits, interests, and your location. Technologies focused on the “Internet of Things” (IoT) have resulted in products and services like Nest and WeMo that has transformed how we interact with  every-day devices life that up until now the average consumer has thought of us dumb gadgets.

By recording and acting on real-time customer insights and related analytics businesses will be in a better position to understand their customer’s intent and interests and easily and quickly adopt products and services to meet these needs. This idea partnered with the emerging physical technology like the iBeacon will produce a powerful partnership between data and Time & Place (hint hint)

If we know anything, it is that the next 5 years will be an exciting time for the tech industry and specifically with hyper-local services. As more and more companies  enter the market  for personalization and hyper local services the future of physical stores and local marketplaces will have the same powerful tools that today’s online stores and marketplaces have.


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